Late March gigs..

March 19: with the Rick Valiant and the Sinatra Tribute band at Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver March 30: playing a relaxed, intimate gig at Goorin Hats in Yaletown with the supremely talented Lio Sanchez. March 31: Jazz piano at the Terminal City club

New recordings

the trio has been updated with a new name – leftcoast trio – and some new recordings.  Thanks to Nate and his comfy garage/jam space/studio, we have laid down some sweet new jazz-funk grooves soon to be posted on our Facebook artist’s page.  A mash-up of 70s sitcom theme Three’s Company and Herbie Hancock’s classic Maiden Voyage.  Also our own …

2011 – year of smooth grooves and live funk!

Well the new year is upon us and there’s lots in store – working on new repertoire for my solo act, gearing up for an exciting year with the launching of a new trio project: hoeppner / nickel / wylie, and plenty of funk/disco gigs with Groove & Tonic….dates to follow! Happy New Year all and make it groooove:)

Working on Xmas tunes!

Tis the time for jolly, happy, wonderfulness – and Vince Guaraldi never loses that special charm. Upcoming private Christmas parties and generally, just to put me in a good head space, a little jazzy Xmas piano noodlings, is good medicine.