Mark Hoeppner

Performer, Composer, Instructor in Vancouver BC


2012, year of the dragon !

posted January 2, 2012

A very very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!  I have a good feeling this is gonna be an epic year…starting off things nice and chill with some composition work for the Shhh short film project here in Vancouver as well as string arranging/synth programming for Quicksound back in Montreal.  Groove N Tonic are prepping some new material for a Jan 13/14 weekened at the Admiral Pub and buzz within the band suggests blueprints for an original album to possibly come out later in the year! keeping ya posted as things unfold…


xmas festivities and NYE countdown!!

posted December 1, 2011

Hey ya’ll, tis the season to be pleasin…musically speakin:).  Groove N Tonic and Soul Sistahs combine sonic powers to entertain Sutton Realty’s xmas party on Dec 2 at the Pan Pacific Hotel, the following day Rick Valiant and the Sinatra Tribute act takes the stage at the historic Burr Theatre in New Westminster.  Groove N Tonic rock out corporate style on Dec 9 & 10 for Polygon Homes’ and BCLC’s respective xmas parties. Dec 11 all my talented students gather in Dunbar for the 2nd official piano recital!  Dec 14 & 15 I dabble with some jazz piano at CPSBC’s xmas event and a posh residential house party in Lion’s Bay community (should be interesting!).  Then its back to my roots in Steinbach, MB for some family time and back to Van to play with Kyprios on NYE at Society in Yaletown. Happy holidays everyone!


Fall Madness

posted September 3, 2011

Got some cool studio sessions coming up on Sept 9 & 11 with Jesus Parlange, then on the 16 & 17 Groove N Tonic rocks Grand Villa Casino and again on Oct 11/12.  Subbing in on Oct 15 and Nov 5 with the Famous Players.  Groove N Tonic at it again on Nov 25/26 at the Admiral Pub and Nov caps off with a cool jazz vibe at the Vancouver Club with Jena Fair!


Summer Summary!

posted May 2, 2011

People! so busy for the upcoming months, i’m forced to make it a brief post, summarizing the upcoming events.  May is stacked with some exciting sessions with video game scorer/sound designer Allan Levy, jamming with Leftcoasttrio, jazz piano noodlings on Mother’s day and weddings, another big show with Rick Valiant and the Sinatra Tribute band..June sees the Vanjazz project unveiled at the Prophouse cafe and later in the month at Java Jazz’s 9th year anniversary show, jazz piano again on Father’s day…July starts with Groove N Tonic at the Fairview, jazz duo with Andrea Superstein..August i’m off to the East! Paul Malin’s wedding in Stratford, ON and then the Shigawake Festival in Quebec mid-month, back to Van to play the Starlight Casino with Groove N Tonic on 19/20, then to Seattle with Luisa Marshall’s Tina Turner Tribute act.